Our lab is dedicated to researching plant-parasitic nematodes affecting agriculture in the state of North Carolina.  We seek to explore economically and environmentally sustainable management solutions, including innovative cultural and chemical control, molecular diagnostics, and decision support tools.  Our extension program aims to build rapport with stakeholders in North Carolina, and deliver reliable, timely information in diverse formats (extension publications, talks and presentations, educational videos, and interactive trainings) to support durable plant-parasitic nematode management practices.

Our research findings drive our extension program, and in turn, stakeholder needs drive our research program.  We seek to keep this “cycle” turning by participate in two-way conversations with stakeholders to understand their needs and observations, and frequently “checking-in” with the industry to ensure our research program aligns with current needs.  Our research and extension programs support key commodities in North Carolina agriculture, including sweetpotato, soybean, cotton, tobacco, and other vegetables.


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